Ena Pelly

Ena Pelly is a contemporary Australian fashion label with a unique DNA that fuses understated ease with a modern, tightly edited approach to style.

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Minimalist anf effortless clothing! Ena Pelly – do you have it?

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Timothy Wilkins and Danielle Pelly in 2014, Ena Pelly started as a family-owned Australian fashion label and remains so today. En Pelly embarks on an exciting journey of worldwide growth, now widely sold across Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

Step out with Ena Pelly NZ

The distinctive brand Ena Pelly has always been centred on providing women with the cornerstones of a minimalist and effortless wardrobe. Ena Pelly’s Classic Biker Jacket has been its bestseller since day one, the brand continues to evolve. Ena Pelly has a large womenswear collection producing sweaters, pants, oversized tees, tanks, denim jackets, mini skirts, bodysuits and more! Shop with Threads NZ and discover Ena Pelly’s New Arrivals and range in stock today.

Complete your outfit with Ena Pelly bestseller long sleeve top, biker jacket, faux fur jacket, relaxed tee or wool coat – all exclusively designed from their Melbourne studio. The range also includes a selection of beautiful relaxed sweaters and other accessories.

Premium sustainable womenswear

Ena Pelly only uses the highest-quality textiles to make their womenswear and accessories. Ena Pelly’s constantly evolving sustainability story now includes the use of recycled cotton blends to craft their popular graphic tees and sweats. Recognising their role and responsibility in protecting the environment and production practices. Each collection sees new developments in sustainable fabrications, reduced impact packaging and conscious design to create timeless pieces encouraging sustainable purchases.

Effortless dressing

Every wardrobe needs a timeless dress and jacket to really complete an outfit and make a statement. Ena Pelly’s womenswear are stylish yet practical and Threads NZ has the latest arrivals.

Shop now for essential style pieces

Here at Threads, we absolutely adore the womenswear made by Ena Pelly, and we’re here to support this Australian brand. We’re passionate about putting you in touch with all the latest fashions and trends. Take a look through our latest arrivals and women’s fashions online today.

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