About Us

Our story began with a girl who has a passion for fashion and a man who’s middle name is modern day business. The perfect team, the Threads team.

From the many brands and clothing manufacturers out there, we have put in the time, done the rounds and selected the clothes we think you want. Not just men’s anymore, women too. In fact, our buyer has brought in more women’s than men’s items because she knows who wears the pants in this industry.

Not all brands made the cut and in our opinion the quality needs to be perfect otherwise our wonderful community are just filling their wardrobes with soon to be binned outfits ...... and we can’t live with that in our lives. All of these timeless and amazing brands supplying our Penrose, Auckland based distribution warehouse so we can fill your orders and ship them out to you as soon as an order is received. We pride ourselves on our professionalism.

There is something for everybody. Your one stop shop for every outfit for every occasion. 

Happy shopping and I hope you enjoy our website as much as we do!

The Threads Team.